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Archaeology and bones

AEA  - The Association for Environmental Archaeology.  Palaeoecology site, journal, links etc.

CBA   - The Council for British Archaeology.  Britarch, internet publications, resources and more.

BoneCommons   -  site for zooarchaeologists to share info and upload reports, puzzle pics of bones etc. Sponsered by ICAZ - International Council for Archaeozoology

Zooarchaeology  - ‘Zoobook’ social network

Archéozoo   -  site by J Yvinec in French and English, well worth investigating - includes skeleton drawings in Illustrator format

Knochenarbeit  -  site by Christian Küchelmann with plenty of links and items of interest in English as well as Deutsche

Archaeological Fish Resource     -  link to Nottingham University page about the ongoing project and soon to be available digital resource

Bird Skull Site  -  A very fine site at Wageningen University about bird skulls, skeletons, dissection and preparation.

Other interests

The Mammal Society    -  Based in UK, lots of interesting science, conservation and fun items about all mammals, with a British slant.

CAMRA      - CAMpaign for Real Ale - support for real pubs, good beer, full pints, beer festivals, and more!